We recently represented a client who had been charged by the police to attend court. This was the clients first experience of court. The client had admitted the offence at the police station but the police charged him to attend court rather than the matter being dealt with by another method. At court we managed to persuaded the prosecution to refer the matter back to the police for the administration of a caution. This occurred thereafter.

client and family happy as a court conviction inevitably would have prejudiced the clients possibility of future employment and also avoided the imposition of a greater punishment at court.

it is always in the best interests of a client to be legally represented at the police station. Such representation is ALWAYS FREE OF CHARGE. The solicitor at the police station will advance the clients defence and try to persuade the police that the case can be dealt with in a manner avoiding a court case.

please contact us 24/7 if you require representation at the police station. Our out of hours number is 07956 892507.