For a little while now the magistrates and crown courts have been obliged to impose what they call either a victim surcharge or court charge when sentencing people who appear before them having pleaded guilty or been found guilty after trial. The court has almost no discretion in imposing the charge, even if the person goes to prison. The amount depends on what punishment is imposed. So if you go to prison, the charge remains payable after you are released. It is nor written off like a fine.

Even  tho it is called a VICTIM surcharge, it does not go to  victims of crime, neither is it a form of compensation payable to the victim, if any, in the case in question. The money is really a tax, aimed at increasing court revenue and goes into central government coffers. The government believes ,rightly or wrongly, that everyone who pleads guilty or is found guilty should contribute towards the upkeep of the courts. Some may argue that is what the taxes are supposed to be used for.