Criminal Representation

Criminal Representation

Phillip Haycock and his team of professionals offers a 24 hour a day, 7 days a week, service to his clients.

We provide a comprehensive service of representation at the Police station, at the Magistrates Court and at the Crown Court.

We assist our clients in all areas of criminal litigation and has over 30 years experience within the criminal justice system.

Legal aid or Free Court Appointed Advocate (S.36) representation may be available in your case. Please note that Phillip Haycock provides assistance to legal aid clients through his association with Linda Filby Solicitors of Seaford, East Sussex, with who he also works as a consultant legal aid solicitor.

Free Representation Under The Court Appointed Advocate Scheme

If you have been charged with a crime that you did not commit a court may in certain circumstances appoint a solicitor to represent you FREE OF CHARGE at the trial.

We can assist you in obtaining this type of representation for your trial.

Under Sections 36 and 38 Youth Justice and Criminal Evidence Act, 1999 the Magistrates Court can make an order which prohibits a person accused of a crime from cross examining certain types of CIVILIAN prosecution witnesses during a trial. This applies where the court feels the witness is vulnerable to direct cross examination by an unrepresented defendant.

This order is usually limited to denied offences of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, THEFT and SEXUAL OFFENCES. It can applies in other types of cases dependant on the potential vulnerability of the prosecution witnesses in your matter.

Please contact us to ascertain if this type of FREE REPRESENTATION could be granted in your case.

Our Areas Of Expertise

Phillip Haycock has built up a significant area of expertise over the last 30 years representing clients accused of murder, manslaughter, rape, high value fraud, robbery, conspiracy to rob, burgle and steal cars, dwelling-house burglaries, welfare benefit fraud, RSPCA prosecutions, road traffic offence, as well as many other serious offences.

We also specialise in representing clients at DWP FRAUD INTERVIEWS at Job Centres.

We have recently developed an enviable record in representing clients accused of CAR KEY BURGLARIES and CONSPIRACY TO BURGLE/ROB.

Together, our team of lawyers have secured acquittals in many serious cases in the Crown Court and excellent sentencing outcomes for those who have pleaded guilty or been found guilty after trial.

We work with a highly qualified team of barristers aiming to provide the highest standard of representation in the Crown Court for our clients who are accused of the most serious offences

Private Client Representation at the Magistrates Court

We offer a bespoke service of representation to private paying clients.

He aim to offer an AFFORDABLE and FIXED FEE service. (All fees are inclusive of VAT).

GUILTY PLEA cases involving 1 hearing at court - £60.

GUITY PLEA cases involving 2 hearings at court - £100.

NOT GUILTY TRIAL cases - £300 per day.

REPRESENTATION AT DWP FRAUD JOB CENTRE INTERVIEWS - £100- £150, dependant on complexity of case.

Please contact us if you require assistance under our fixed fee scheme.

Call: 0121 788 1234