Will Preparation

Will Preparation

We offer a friendly empathetic service to our clients. Your will is prepared by a solicitor and we offer a home visit service for those who are housebound.

Our will preparation service

“We believe in Affordable wills written in plain English”.

You can now prepare your Will online using our new online service.

What is a will?

A will is a legal document that allows you to state what should happen to your assets (your money, property and personal possessions) as well as making provision for your young children.

Our will service

Available face to face, online, via telephone or video conferencing. We recognise that people often lead a busy lifestyle or are restricted through health issues or concerns in their ability or desire to travel, especially during these uncertain times.

We therefore offer a tailor-made service to our clients.

We can prepare your will on either on a’ face to face’ basis at our offices or at your home or online, via the telephone or by way of video conferencing (eg Zoom or Skype).

 Why Make a Will?

  • To ensure your assets are distributed in accordance with your wishes
  • to avoid delay in estate management
  • to ensure your home is not sold without your consent
  • to avoid loved ones being left out
  • to ensure your children are not left without a legacy

If you live in England or Wales and die without a legally valid will the government will decide who gets what. The Intestacy Rules will apply to your estate. These rules have far reaching repercussions on who gets your assets after your death and when they receive those assets.
For example:

If you have no living family members, all your property and possessions will go to the Crown.

If you have children under 18 years old, other people can make decisions about who will take care of them and manage their finances, education and living arrangements.

If you have a spouse, that person may, subject to the value of your assets, not inherit all of your estate.

Letters of Administration (a type of Grant of Probate) will need to be applied for through the Probate Registry in order to distribute your estate. Your estate assets cannot be distributed for at least 12 months in order to allow time for a person to potentially make a claim on your estate assets.

This process can leave members of your family without access to much needed financial support from your estate at a time when they potentially need it the most and add to  further uncertainty and distress for them about their financial and health (physical and emotional) wellbeing.

By making a will all of these difficulties can potentially be avoided.

Who is our will service for?

At this firm believe that everyone should make a will and do not discriminate against anyone.

However, we believe in providing an affordable service to our clients and as such our prices are geared towards assisting people who hold an ordinary level of assets.

As such, if your estate exceeds £400,000 in value we will not be able to assist you. If your estate exceeds this value we can of course signpost you to alternative will providers.

If your estate exceeds £325,000 Inheritance Tax may be payable upon your death. We do NOT provide tax advice at this firm to our clients.

If you think tax will be payable after your death on your estate then we strongly recommend you seek expert tax advice from an independent financial advisor before or whilst instructing another firm of solicitors to prepare your will.

What does it cost?

You can make a will for as little as £50 inclusive of VAT. We pride ourselves on being 100% transparent with costs. The fee remains the same no matter how complicated your will is. However, our prices are subject to clients having no more than £400,000 in estate assets. If your estate exceeds this value please contact alternative solicitors. We do not provide tax advice to our clients and if you think your estate may be subject to Inheritance Tax liability after death, we strongly advise you to seek professional advice from an independent financial advisor.

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For more information or to make an appointment please feel free to contact us by emailing mail@philliphaycock.com