We at Phillip Haycock solicitors believe that everyone should have the opportunity to make a will.

Often people don’t want to think about making a will or are simply put off by the price.

Making a will can save a lot of trouble after death. If a person dies without making a will there is a 12 month delay before assets can be distributed. Costly Adverts have to be put in a trade journal and local paper to advertise the death. In the event certain people may inherit that you didn’t want to receive any of your estate.

We believe everyone should have the opportunity of making a will regardless of means. We offer a comprehensive and empathetic will making service to our clients at what we regard as a reasonable and fair cost. £50 for a single will, and £70 for a joint will. (vat inclusive). Wills are prepared by a solicitor at the firm- our Mr Haycock. The process involves 2 visits- one to take instructions, and the other to sign and witness the will. On occasions the will can be prepared during a single visit.

Unlike most will drafters we do not  add additional hidden costs for making a will which contains provisions for trusts or guardians. What you see as the headline fee is what you pay. We believe in being transparent with our fees.

The only additional costs apart from those mentioned above is if our client requests we visit them at home to prepare their will. Please speak to us about our fees in those circumstances .