Our client today appeared at Birmingham magistrates court charged with an offence of domestic assault.

We represented him under the S36 court appointed advocate scheme as the client was not eligible for legal aid. This meant that the client did NOT have to pay our fees. They were paid by the state.

We represented our client throughout the case as a matter of courtesy to him even though the S36 scheme only allows payment of solicitors fees to the point of completion of cross examination of the complainant.

We assisted our client in the giving of his evidence and made closing submissions at the end of the evidence to explain why the court should acquit him. Virtually all solicitors leave at the end of cross examination of the complainant because they don’t get paid for work done after that point during the trial. We do not believe in abandoning our clients like that.

Happily, the court accepted our closing submissions and the client was acquitted. This was especially important for him as he was a person without previous convictions.