We represented a client at court recently who had been detained by security guards for shoplifting, which he subsequently admitted at court. During his detention by security he allegedly assaulted one of the guards. Client denied offence claiming in fact it was the guards who assaulted him and his actions were limited to self defence only. Matter went to trial. CPS delayed providing us with witness statements which with the cctv evidence should have resulted in the case being withdrawn by them before the trial date.  The evidence clearly showed our client being assaulted by security guards and he acting in self defence. Cps  refused To withdraw the case and Infact on the day of trial added an alternative charge in case they couldn’t succeed on the initial one. Client and we would not be pressurised by these tactics and after our solicitor, Phillip Haycock cross examined the security guards the court threw the case out after hearing a submission of no case to answer from Him. Client didn’t in the end have to give evidence at the trial. He was acquitted and relieved at outcome. Had he been convicted a term in prison was inevitable.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have a similar problem and are charged with assaulting security officers. We can help.